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White Bird Clinic is a non-profit human service agency that has been serving the people of Lane County for over 40 years. We have developed a broad range of services and respond to over 85,000 service requests annually. If you would like more specific information about the services that we provide, please select the department that you are interested in from the "What we do" menu.

Our staff is familiar with most community resources.

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Our Mission

White Bird is a collective environment organized to enable people to gain control of their social, emotional and physical well-being through direct service, education and community.


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Honoring the life of Jeffery Alexander Elliott

Sep 15, 1991 ~ Apr 17, 2013


Born in Portland on a sunny Sunday, Jeffery was a cheerful and easy baby. He began walking and talking early and warmed the hearts of all who met him. He was loving, generous, and cared deeply about what mattered to him. He was a loyal friend, almost to a fault. He would give a friend the shirt off his back if it was needed. He loved babies and little ones, always wanting to help take care of them. He loved music!
Sadly, Jeffery went through some really bad experiences leading to struggles with substances; he was deeply troubled emotionally and suffered from chronic back pain.
He is no longer troubled by these issues ~ Jeffery is finally at peace.
To make a donation in Jeffery’s memory please follow the PayPal link or send donations to: Whitebird-CAHOOTS; 341 E 12th Ave; Eugene, Oregon 97401 and note your donation is in memory of Jeffery Elliott. CAHOOTS provides much needed services on the streets of Eugene, and relieves our overburdened police department of jobs better handled by mental health and medical professionals. Any donation, however great or small, will be deeply appreciated by me - Jeffrey's mom!