White Bird Home Page
Street Address:1400 Mill St Eugene OR 97401
Contact:Ian Strauss
Telephone:(541) 484-4800
Fax:(541) 344-8351
Hours:Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 8am - 7pm *** Closed Noon - 1pm for Lunch
Wednesday: 8am - 5pm *** Closed Noon - 1pm for Lunch
Thursday: 8am - Noon
Friday: 8am - Noon
Fees:Yes, Sliding scale, Medicare B, OHP
Eligibility:Focus on Homeless and Low-income Patients
Description:Provides low-cost medical treatment for those with medical problems and severe financial need. Some lab testing and medications also provided on a low-cost basis. Help with Pharmacy Assistance Program applications is available for medical clinic patients only.

What time is the walk-in clinic?Check-in for the walk-in clinic is 8am. You must check-in with the receptionist in order to be considered for that days walk-in clinic. At 8am, doors open and patients are screened by our back office staff based on their medical condition. There is no benefit to showing up before 8am.
How much does it cost?Sliding scale fees are based on federal poverty guidelines. Please contact the Medical Clinic Receptionist for more information.
Can I get help with Pharmacy Assistance Program applications?If you are a patient of White Bird Medical Clinic and the medication is prescribed by our doctor, we can help you with your application for low or no- cost medication through our Pharmacy Assistance Program (PAP). There is an Administrative Fee charged for the use of this service. Our PAP Specialist will help you apply to the pharmaceutical company programs available for your medications. Note: receiving medication through these programs usually takes 4-6 weeks and is not guaranteed.
Can you help me pay medical bills or fill prescriptions from other doctors?No, sorry.
Do you have eye doctors?No, but White Bird Info Line can give you information about eligibility and application requirements for vouchers to be used at various optometrists in the area.
Do you have a translator?We have some staff available who speak Spanish. Translation can often be arranged with some advanced notice.
Can I make an appointment?Yes, appointments are available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.
Do you provide physicals?We can do physicals for school, work, DOT, and Peace Corps. Because physicals are "wellness" visits, there are no grants available to defer costs. Check with the Medical Program Receptionist for the cost of various physicals.
Information last updated 12/09/2011